Press Release

Press Release

April 13, 2020

Dear consumers:

We recognize bread is more than food and even more so in a pandemic that has forced us to stay home to keep us safe. Cidrines bread brings back memories of breakfasts at home, family meals, baked-goods aromas and of Puerto Rico; it is food for the soul and for the body.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Brands of Puerto Rico, an e-commerce specialist, and FedEx to bring fresh bread home as quickly and affordable as possible recognizing the high cost of a 2nd day service.

In a few days we received more than 250 orders! Interestingly, these offers were design for the Puerto Ricans living abroad, but we have received many orders from consumers in Puerto Rico who prefer home delivery as well.

We listen to you and are working on more shipping alternatives.
We are also sensitive to the high cost of shipping for consumers in Puerto Rico. Starting this week, in collaboration with Brands of PR and delivery companies, we are offering more attractive shipping alternatives for local delivery in addition of USA shipping:

These are the 3 offers we’ve designed for you in PR and USA:
• 6 12”- rolls (3 pounds) of regular Sobao Bread, $5.99
• 6 12”- rolls (3 pounds) of regular Whole Wheat Sobao Bread, $5.99
• 6 12”- rolls (2 pounds) of regular Sobao Bread & (1 pound) Whole Wheat Sobao Bread, $5.99

Shipping and handling options in Puerto Rico and USA:
• metro area, PR (same day) – $7.00
• Island, PR (1-2 days) – $9.20
• USA, Fedex (2 days) – $17.00 (regular cost $24-26)

Keeping Cidrines bread fresh is as easy as storing the rolls in your freezer. Just heat them in the oven at 350 degrees for 7-10 minutes whenever you are tempted.

Cidrines’ social commitment has always been a priority. We have been distributing fresh bread to elderly homes along with the Mayor of Arecibo, our home town. Also, we gifted 1 pound of bread to the first 100 customers who arrived at each Walmart store in Puerto Rico and to the first 50 customers at each Amigo supermarket last Thursday, April 9th. These social initiatives will continue.

We thank our more than 100 employees who have made the effort to continue production in the face of major challenges. To our loyal consumers, THANK YOU for supporting us and WE WILL KEEP LISTENING TO YOU. To place your order and receive it in the safety of your home, you can go to the Brands of Puerto Rico page or From our oven to your table with love!