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“Sobao” Bread
The unmatched Cidrines “Sobao” Bread is a delicious mix of ingredients that are masterfully combined with artisan processes that allow us to bring to every table The Best Bread.

“Criollo” Bread
Cidrines “Criollo” Bread is a harmonious balance of a crispy crust and soft crumb that has made it the preferred bread at the Puerto Rican table.

Frozen “Criollo” Bread
Innovation in the category of retail frozen breads. Ready to heat in just 5-7 minutes. Convenient packaging of two loaves of 5 ounces each in a sealed bag to store in the freezer. Tasty “Criollo” bread, same freshness, same great taste!

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Panecillo Sobao

Mallorca Cruda